Thursday, 10 October 2013

On President Joyce Banda's Pending Cabinet

JB finds herself in a very awkward situation. 7 months before an election she is found in a situation whereby she has to make tough decisions, some of which might cost her the election. If she has seen the light, she must be cursing herself for not taking this decision when she had a better opportunity.

The Cabinet has been dissolved. Good riddance. The Cabinet commanded very little respect internally or abroad. The performance of the Minister of Finance without doubt has been the main talking point. On rating of 1-5 he definitely scores a 0! Not only has he messed up the Treasury, he has been clueless as to what is going on in the economy. A typical case was when the IMF chief was in Malawi. The Minister of Finance was grinning at the top table and was not in charge of his own show. His statement that day and thereafter clearly showed he reads and understands nothing.

As a person, he is a PhD and with reasonable experience and thus his brain is still useful to Malawi Government and PP. Definitely not in the Treasury.

The Cabinet has the likes of Uladi Mussa, some Zulu and many "our time to eat" personalities. No apologies, they simply have to go.

The question we should pose is; Do we really need a Cabinet between now and elections? What really is the value they will add to our democracy and development? Perhaps all efforts should be the re-aligning and strengthening of the civil service and other organs of Government. If it's a constitutional requirement, them let's have 5 -10 Ministers for example. I don't believe that Government business will in any way be affected.

Of course I am aware that the appointment of Cabinet is important during an election because it ensures that those loyal are rewarded and they have easy access to tax payers money for campaign. But my gut feeling is that the Cabinet is a drain on our resources and having no cabinet or a skeleton Cabinet would be the greatest thing JB would have ever done even if she was not elected come May 2014


Alick Mjuma Nyasulu said...

mwajulika apa bakulo

Linda said...

Thoughtful and brilliant piece. Thanks for sharing! Let us see what the president comes up with

Seleman Chitulu said...

God piece of advice but remember in Malawi party politics plays the upper row- unfortunately she had no choice to dissolve the PP cabinet due to donor pressure nothing else. The question should be which eggs are good amongst them?
That's what it is having recycled politicians they know the game better than the President.