Sunday, 28 February 2010

If I was Malawi Government...I would not deliberately create rebels

If I was Malawi Government, I would make “Rhoda Nyirenda” my star and model student of the year. I would ensure that the country does not lose or waste Rhoda Nyirenda’s brains. I would live to my pronouncement of promoting women’s emancipation – and that I believe that the world would be a better place if Governments educated women. I would show that I can lead Africa by example.

If only I was Malawi Government, I would ensure that Rhoda Nyirenda does not suffer discrimination. I would parade and showcase her to Malawian girls as a living example of what a girl is capable of achieving.

If I was Malawi Government, I would desist from creating a rebellious Rhoda Nyirenda. I would reward her for her hard work rather than punish and discourage her. I would desist from making her lose her confidence and think she is not good enough for Malawian Universities. I would surely desist from making her think she is less Malawian that everyone else. I would protect her and ensure that she does not become vulnerable to the world’s evils and eventually end up as a “teenage mother”.

If I was Malawi Government, I would, by any means necessary give Rhoda Nyirenda the opportunity and support to continue her education and excel in a career that would help in Malawi’s development. I would call upon all well wishers to support Rhoda Nyirenda and all other deserving students to pursue their university studies.

If I was Malawi Government, I would ensure I find resources and place all the 207 (+) deserving students in higher education either in Malawi or neighbouring countries or postpone their entry into the University until later when I have created capacity to offer them education they deserve.

Unfortunately I am not Malawi Government.

I can only pray that Rhoda Nyirenda and all those deserving students irrespective of their tribal affiliation do not become rebels. They deserve better. So does Malawi!

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Unfortunately, merit isn't a word that's in our government's dictionary at the moment.