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Morgan Tsvangirai was born in Gutu in 1952 and his father was carpenter and bricklayer. In the same year he was born, Robert Mugabe was studying at the University of Oxford. Had Mugabe known that Morgan was born, he probably would have ordered the killing of all boys under the age of two because a Carpenter had given birth to a son. Unfortunately, no wise men passed through Oxford University and he was no King Herod at that time and Morgan did not have to flee to Botswana

56 years later, Mugabe rules over Zimbabwe and he decided to remind us that Zimbabwe means RUINS and he will bring its meaning for all to see. Zimbabwe is named after ruins. Mugabe renamed Rhodesia as Zimbabwe after independence. Rhodesia was named after Cecil Rhodes, who also partly studied at Oxford in late 1800s.

The Greater Zimbabwe is said to have been a powerful wealthy state between AD 1250 and 1450, according to historians and its wealth was founded on cattle and subsequently trading gold, copper and ivory to Arab Merchants on the Indian Ocean coast in return for ceramics and cloth. By the 15th century the city had fallen into irreversible decline and for the next 300 years was known only to the outside world by hearsay, inspiring wild and romantic speculations linking it with the Queen of Sheba and King Solomon’s Mines.

At Independence in 1980, and years after, Zimbabwe was a bustling wealthy country. It was a dream shopping paradise for (Boyis and punas) from Bulantaya (Malawi).

I spent a couple of my Christmas holidays in Zimbabwe (Harare (Epworth), Chitungwiza, Victoria Falls, and Lake Kariba). These were memorable moments for me and my family and we have always cherished the happy occasions.

As we celebrate this Christmas in cold Watford, I keep thinking and echoing what Alex Matthews said in his Blog: Does Zimbabwe Know it is Christmas?

I called my Dad and Mum in Chihoro Village today to wish them happy Christmas. Phones work and they were dining and having sobo (no wine or Carlsberg in Chihoro village because Dr Laws gave us the land on condition that there would be no polygamy and no alcohol). Of course, Dr Laws was not Jesus and he had his reasons of restricting alcohol. Except my Dad and Mum, my Uncles, residents of Chihoro village imbibe, some actually swim in mkontho. They seemed happier, complained of grannies who were unwell, and that it was muddy because of rains, but they were having a good time. I have tried to contact my relations in Zimbabwe to extend my best wishes but to no avail. I however wish them well and just to remind them that THE HEART OF CHRISTMAS IS JESUS. Zimbabwe may look like a Manger, but remember Jesus was born in a manger.

I wish Zimbabweans and all those in Zimbabwe a Merry Christmas and my Christmas present to them is 2 CORINTHIANS 8 verse 9

Let 2009 be your year

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